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Lexington Regional Health Center is proud to offer aquatic physical therapy in our state-of-the-art aquatic therapy pool.

Aquatic therapy is the evidence-based and skilled practice of physical therapy in an aquatic environment. It includes but is not limited to treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, health, wellness and fitness of patient/client populations in an aquatic environment with or without the use of assistive, adaptive, orthotic, protective, or supportive devices and equipment.

Advantages of Aquatic Therapy

Buoyancy: Decreases the effects of gravity. Increases functional abilities. Less fear of falling for patients.

Hydrostatic Pressure: Aids in reducing edema. Helps build up muscles of inspiration and assists with exhalation.

Viscosity: Provides resistance to movement. Allows increased time of response for patients' equilibrium reactions (allows the patient to recover when he/she loses their balance).

Turbulence: Can be used to treat balance and stabilization problems. Can be used to increase resistance during strengthening and endurance exercises. Can be used to increase proprioceptive feedback.

Lexington Regional's Aquatic Therapy Pool

Our facility is a Hydroworx 1100 series pool with stair access for ambulatory patients. A chair lift is available for patients who cannot maneuver stairs.

Other features of our pool include:

Underwater treadmill
Deep water well - for suspended exercises
Powerful jets to provide resistance
Warm water- average temperature is 92°F.
Massage capabilities
Computerized system to accurately record treatment sessions