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CFI offers quarterly events and workshops to promote and educate the community to make healthy lifestyle changes with adjustments in diet and exercise.

Please check the Calendar of Events and our Facebook page regularly to see upcoming events.

For more information about the CFI events and workshops, please contact Pat Samway, at (308) 324-5651, ext. 179

Baby & Me Swimming Classes

Prevent and/or overcome a fear of water in your child. This free, two-week class helps familiarize your child with water and is held at the Lexington Aquatic Center (10th & Monroe). Classes are for children 6 months - 3 years who are not already use to swimming.

Dance Camp

CFI's Dance Camp is designed to encourage a sense of team spirit and promote physical activity while learning proper stretching techniques and fundamental dance movements.

Classes meet:

In February and March.
Twice a week for a nine-week period, with each session being one hour long.

Wrestling Camp

Designed to encourage a sense of team spirit and promote physical activity, the wrestling camp includes stretching and fundamental wrestling movements.

Classes meet:

Fall 2014 session will begin in October. Watch the school newsletters for dates and more information.
Twice a week for a nine-week period, with each session being one hour long.

Healthy Kids Week/Spring Sprint

Healthy Kids Week occurs at the end of the school year and involves all Lexington Elementary students by creating daily health challenges. Past challenges include eliminating soda, trying a new vegetable, and getting additional exercise.

The big event of Healthy Kids Week is the Spring Sprint. All the students gather at Kirkpatrick Memorial Park in Lexington for a run, then enjoy a healthy snack. Through the cooperation and support of all grade school principals and staff, an estimated 1,400 students participate annually as a united group during this school afternoon activity.

Dash 'n Splash

Dash 'n Splash is a one mile fun run and an hour of free swimming at the Lexington Aquatic Center for all area families.


Our comprehensive program, IPASD (Integrating Physical Activity into the School Day), was developed by the Human Performance Lab at the University of Nebraska Kearney for Lexington Regional's Community Fitness Initiative (CFI).

IPASD utilizes two, ten minute, grade-appropriate activity breaks known as "Take 10", to transition between subjects, or to reinforce academic concepts as well as promote physical activity each day. The "Take 10" breaks are required physical activity that is above and beyond recess and Physical Education time. With the help of daily mandatory IPASD time, all students who attend Lexington Public Schools receive the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each school day.

CFI tracks all grade school children's height, weight, and BMI with the help of school nurses. Health Report Cards are sent to each student's parents/guardians annually. These Health Report Cards not only allow CFI to monitor and track changes in BMI statistics, but also prompts parents to start a conversation with their physician about health risks associated with above normal BMIs. Through the Health Report Cards, we have found that CFI has had a positive impact on the targeted age group of kindergarten through eighth grade students. In fact, there has been a six percent drop in overweight and obesity rates since the original study in 2006.