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The Community Fitness Initiative (CFI) is a community-based approach to improving the health and well-being of Lexington area citizens. Through the support of Lexington Regional Health Center, Lexington Public Schools, and the Lexington Community Foundation, CFI brings together a diverse set of stakeholders with the common goal of improving the quality of life through the development and implementation of sustainable wellness programs.

The initial focus of CFI is to address childhood obesity. CFI will gather information to identify existing resources and areas of concern, develop appropriate programs to address childhood obesity, seek outside funding for program-related activities, evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of programs, and coordinate efforts between multiple agents of change.

Learn more about CFI's events and camps here.


CFI provides a variety of programs and activities at no cost to local families. Many activites are funded through grants, but donations are also accepted to help ensure continuation of activities, as well as the development of new opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles for Lexington children and families.

If you would like to donate to CFI, please contact Pat Samway, at (308) 324-5651, ext. 179.