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Why is industrial rehabilitation important?

Taking risks is part of running a business, but one area to avoid taking risks is the safety and well being of your employees. It has been estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers' compensation costs alone. If you would like to reduce the costs of work related injuries, you must first focus on the safety and health of your employee.

An injured employee has been shown to require a median of 11 days to recuperate from an injury.

Time spent away from work can result in loss of production, time spent retraining another employee, reduced moral with other employees and perhaps lower efficiency.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in 2011, 33% of all ergonomic injuries were related to musculoskeletal disorders.

Of these injuries, 36% were related to back injuries, 12% to shoulder and 12% to knee injuries.

Other common joints injured include ankle, hand and wrist injuries.

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Services available for injured employees*

Physical/Occupational therapy

After receiving an order from your physician, a physical therapist/occupational therapist will evaluate your employee and develop a plan of care appropriate for their condition. In addition to providing treatments the employee will also be educated on injury prevention. Before returning to work, we will ensure the employee is able to return to the occupation safely.

Functional capacity evaluation (FCE)

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an assessment for workers who have suffered injuries that could affect their employment opportunities. The worker's ability to perform work and their physical tolerances to a variety of real and/or simulated work activities is assessed. A detailed report is given to the employer and/or the case manager to outline what the employee will/will not be able to do.

Work hardening/conditioning

This program is valuable when an injured employee is preparing to return to work after completing physical or occupational therapy. It can be utilized to condition the employee for their regular job duties.

This is an intense program in which consists of strengthening, stretching, endurance and functional exercises. It requires a minimum of 2 hours and is excellent to incorporate as your employee increases time at their regular job. The program can be successful in preventing reoccurrence of injury.

*Billed through worker's compensation.

Preventative programs**

Pre-Placement/Post- Offer Screening

Assess safe and proper placement of employees to avoid placing an employee in a position they are not safe in doing, later resulting in an injury.

Ergonomic Training

Provide instruction to employees on using proper body mechanics and posture at work to reduce rate of injury.

Work Site Assessment

If an employee begins to develop symptoms on the job, we can perform an assessment of their worksite and assess the employee's mechanics at work and make recommendations to modify to prevent further injury from occurring.

Injury Prevention Program

An excellent way to immediately reduce your overall workers' compensation costs. We will customize a routine schedule to meet your needs in which a therapist is available onsite to perform a screen on employees presenting with work-related symptoms. Following the screen, the therapist will make the necessary recommendations to the employee, which may include exercises, postural awareness, and a worksite assessment to assess body mechanics at their worksite. Great success has been seen with this program, often avoiding unnecessary medical expenses.

**Individual fees apply