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Occupational therapy helps individuals facing challenges related to physical, cognitive, and sensory conditions which are affecting their ability to complete everyday tasks.

The occupational therapy team assists patients as they build and relearn skills that may be difficult as the result of an illness or injury. Most often these skills include bathing, grooming, dressing, and cooking, and are important for independent functioning and daily living.

Occupational therapists help patients learn new techniques, use specialized tools to perform activities more easily and safely, and conserve their energy and protect vulnerable joints from additional injury.

The diagnoses that occupational therapy can help are seemingly endless. Below are ailments we generally treat:

Musculoskeletal System Disorders
Hand and Upper Extremity Disorders/Injuries
Hip Fractures, Replacement, Arthoplasty
Neurological System Disorders
Disorders of Movement
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary System Disorders
Cognitive Disorders
Psychiatric Disorders
Pediatric Conditions
Post-Trauma/Injury Conditions
Work Related Injuries