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2022 Caring Kind Award Winner – Hannah Hild

“Hannah truly is one of the kindest people and is so deserving of this award. She is never in a bad mood and is always willing to help anyone whether it is a patient or a fellow co-worker. She will go out of her way to say hello in the hallway and always has a huge smile on her face. She has taken on the Director of Outpatient position with easy while managing double the staff she used to as well as a full list of specialty providers and schedules. She is a great and fair leader and LRHC is truly blessed to have her.” – Nominating Statement
About NHA Caring Kind Award
For 43 years the Nebraska Hospital Association has recognized our most caring hospital workers with this award. This prestigious honor shines a light on outstanding health care employees who have demonstrated compassion for patients and dedication to excellence in their job responsibilities. Nebraska hospitals are only as compassionate and caring as thier employees, and you have exemplified the highest levels of these values. As a key part of the festivities of the NHA’s Annual Convention in mid august, there will be a luncheon to honor this year’s Caring Kind Award recipients.