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Lexington Regional Health Center is here to meet the demands of patients seeking mental health treatment

Kristina Messersmith, PLMHP, PCSW Lexington Regional Health Center LEXINGTON, NE – Mental health services have grown in demand nationwide. The pandemic brought a greater awareness of mental health due to people experiencing isolation and uncertainty. A 2020 statistic from the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) shares that 1 in 5 Americans experience a mental illness in their lifetime. It is widely known that mental health is equally as important to manage as physical health, but the average person notices their physical symptoms

Reducing stress can lead to a healthier life

Stress overpowers so many individuals and takes over our strengths.  Stress comes from the world we live in, to illness, to what we can’t see in ourselves.  Stress reactions can be acute (short time frame), intermittent, or chronic.  Some people live on stress and pressure and the adrenaline while others can not and a small stressful situation can cause a panic attack.  When stress is a negative factor in one’s life, it is important to recognize it and work on

New scope technology at LRHC

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! Watch as Dr. Seip goes over the benefits of Lexington Regional Health Center’s newest technology that can be used to detect colorectal cancer, among other things.