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Diabetes Education


Our Diabetes Education Program is taught by a skilled healthcare team who specializes in diabetes. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or need refresher information on managing diabetes, we can help you. Our diabetes educators work with you and your family provider to assess your lifestyle and knowledge of diabetes. We then find a care plan that works best for you so you can live a healthier life.

Classes are offered at various times of the day to accommodate individual schedules. Family members and significant others are welcome to attend at no additional cost. For those with special needs, we offer individual instruction as needed.

The Diabetes Education Program is certified by the American Diabetes Association®. It meets all the national standards for diabetes patient education. It is offered in conjunction with the Heartland Health Alliance and the Diabetes Center at Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Phone: (308) 324-8315
To schedule an appointment, please call our Diabetes Education Department.