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Classes are one-on-one sessions and typically last 60-90 minutes. After an assessment is performed by one of our diabetes educators, topics are chosen based on your particular needs. Spanish and Somali classes are available upon request.


  • Blood glucose monitoring and instructions on how to use your meter.
  • Proper care for your feet and how to perform foot exams.
  • An understanding of your medication regime and the possible side effects of your prescriptions.
  • How to safely self-administer your insulin therapy. This includes learning how to use a pen or syringe, select injection sites, determine appropriate doses, and properly store and handle the insulin.
  • Ways to manage a sick day and know when it’s appropriate to call your provider.
  • Controlling glucose and its long-term complications.
  • Significance of scheduling regular follow-ups with your healthcare providers.
  • Healthy eating and ways to make the best decisions when it comes to your diet, including meal planning.
  • Importance of exercise and ways to engage in activities that fit your lifestyle.
  • How to recognize the signs of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and how to appropriately treat those.
  • Ways to avoid complications when traveling.