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Economic Impact

Lexington Regional Health Center has positive impact on Lexington’s economy

LEXINGTON, NE – Lexington Regional Health Center (LRHC) does more than provide health care services in Lexington and the surrounding area. It also has a positive economic impact on the overall fiscal health of the community. Through a combination of traditional health care services, fitness and wellness programs, telehealth technology, and community partnerships, Lexington Regional’s commitment to health and a strong community extends far beyond the hospital walls.

“A viable hospital is a corner stone of Lexington’s economy and it is a constant reminder of our shared future as a successful community,” said Leslie Marsh, Chief Executive Officer at Lexington Regional Health Center.

According to a study conducted by IMPLAN using Lexington Regional Health Center data, LRHC directly impacts revenue created in the state of Nebraska through its hospital services by $28,997,809. LRHC’s total economic impact of $55,762,552 helps foster revenue creation for hospitality industries including lodging, transportation and tourism, restaurants and the construction industry. The hospital’s economic impact includes induced effects, impacting real estate, insurance, electricity and entertainment businesses through increased personal income and spending.

“Across our Heartland Health Alliance network, we see how each hospital is driving growth by making the community attractive to business and industry,” said Carol Friesen, Vice President Health System Services for Bryan Health. “And when residents retire, they tend to stay in, or move to, communities with quality health care facilities.” Bryan Health is the sponsoring organization for Heartland Health Alliance.

Editor’s note: Leslie Marsh, CEO, is available for media interviews. Please contact Colton May at 308-324-1650 to schedule.