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Orthopedics (Bones, Joints and Muscles)

When you experience pain or injury to your muscles, bones or joints, we’re here to get you back to enjoying life.

Lexington Regional Health Center offers comprehensive orthopedic care to Dawson County and the surrounding area. Excellent, specialized care no longer requires travel to larger cities. Our orthopedic surgeons have years of large health system experience and outcomes that meet and often exceed national averages. Visiting weekly, Dr. Schopp specializes in a variety of orthopedic services including total knee, hip, and shoulder surgeries.

Our experienced orthopedic team has one primary focus: to help you improve your quality of life and get back to the activities you enjoy. This is achieved by our commitment to a patient-centered, team approach. Together with the support of your family and friends, our multi-disciplinary team, which includes your primary provider and rehabilitation services, will create a personalized plan that best suits your needs.

To learn more about our care and improving your quality of life, ask your provider about Orthopedic Services at Lexington Regional Health Center, or call 308-324-8343 to schedule an appointment.

Total Joint Bootcamp

One of the greatest features of the Lexington Regional Health Center Joint Replacement program is Total Joint Camp. This program allows joint replacement patients to have a personal Joint Camp experience to cover everything from preoperative education to postoperative rehabilitation.

Joint Camp Agenda:

  1. Surgery expectations
  2. Pre-op instructions
  3. Lung Care
  4. Rehabilitation
    1. Physical Therapy
    2. Occupational Therapy
  5. Pain Management
    1. Ways to control pain
    2. Drug side effects
  6. Nutrition
    1. Before surgery
    2. After surgery
  7. Infection Control
    1. Hand hygiene
  8. Discharge Planning
    1. After services and Resources
  9. Incision Care
  10. Tour of facility (optional)

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