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Reducing stress can lead to a healthier life

Stress overpowers so many individuals and takes over our strengths.  Stress comes from the world we live in, to illness, to what we can’t see in ourselves.  Stress reactions can be acute (short time frame), intermittent, or chronic.  Some people live on stress and pressure and the adrenaline while others can not and a small stressful situation can cause a panic attack.  When stress is a negative factor in one’s life, it is important to recognize it and work on coping skills to move forward and get through it.

Acute stress disorder is not a mental disorder but many treatments are taken from other mental disorders.  The importance of using positive coping skills such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, journaling, and exercise are just a few of the positive coping skills that can be beneficial.  Negative coping skills that are not productive are sleeping/hiding in bed for hours to days on end, alcohol consumption in excessive amounts, or illegal drug use.  If the situation warrants, counseling may be needed to work through a stressful situation.

Stress in general can lead to medical symptoms such as palpitations, chest pain, headaches, weight loss or weight gain, stomach issues, and hives.  Chronic stress has been noted to shorten our lifespan whether due to a cardiac event or even cancer.  Decreasing stress can lead to a healthier life.