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Sick? Try ezVisit today!

In the world of 2019, we are constantly on our phones, tablets and computers. Why not be able to receive health care through one? How many times a month have you or a family member been feeling sick and haven’t had time to come into the clinic? We know that your lives are very busy. We want to help you get to feeling better so you can get back to doing what you love. We are excited to provide you ezVisit, a virtual, affordable way to receive care.

Lexington Regional Health Center ezVisit allows you to receive a diagnosis from anywhere for only $39.00! Whether you are on the go or are more comfortable at home, ezVisit can help you start feeling better now! EzVisit is able to treat many minor illnesses including athlete’s foot, bladder infections, cold, cough or sore throat, diaper rash, flu symptoms, low back pain, motion sickness, ringworm, seasonal allergies, sinus infection, shingles and yeast infections among many other conditions.

EzVisit is a very easy and convenient way to receive care.  You will start by answering a few questions on your phone, tablet, or computer. Your responses will then be reviewed by a Nebraska board certified provider who will develop a treatment plan for you. Your diagnosis and treatment plan will be sent to you within one hour! If your treatment plan requires a prescription, ezVisit will send it electronically to your pharmacy of choice. If your conditions are not able to be safely diagnosed and treated online you will not be charged for your ezVisit. You will be referred to the care that you need. For more information and a full list of conditions treated, please visit

Not feeling well, but life is too busy?