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Two LRHC Leaders Graduate from NHA Leadership Institute

In 2023 Curtis Roemmich, Director of Rehabilitation and Leonard Wilson, Director of Respiratory Therapy went through 9 month Nebraska Hospital Association Leadership Institute class. This 9 month course is a great opportunity for emerging leaders to further their leadership skills and competencies through a series of interactive sessions.

“The NHA Leadership Institute is a wonderful avenue to further develop leadership skills as well as initiate networking with other healthcare professionals across the state.  Curtis and Leonard are motivated and excited to continue to expand their knowledge and skills in the leadership arena and are committed to participating in the Institute to foster professional and personal growth”, said Kirsten Faessler, Chief Operating Officer. “We are excited to support both Curtis and Leonard along their leadership journey and have no doubt that they will continue to lead their teams to excellence.”

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend the NHA Leadership Institute.  All of the classes helped me in becoming a better leader,” said Leonard Wilson, Director of Respiratory Therapy.

“The NHA leadership class was a great opportunity to learn about the complexities of leadership. This course helped me learn about some of my strengths and weaknesses and how to utilize these to be a more effective leader,” said Curtis Roemmich, Director of Rehabilitation Services.

About Leadership Institute

The NHA Leadership Institute is an initiative that is made of up a comprehensive curriculum that combines core leadership competency working sessions and multiple layers of applied practice in health care. Coursework focuses on the unique challenges and organizational management techniques facing hospitals. The Institute is geared toward providing middle management and up-and-coming leaders within your hospital with the necessary skills to become exceptional leaders and puts them on the path to senior management positions. It is vital for CEOs to develop the leadership pipeline to ensure effective succession planning while enhancing employees’ contributions to the organization.

Each year, approximately 40 healthcare professionals from across Nebraska come together for a 10-month program designed to instruct, inspire and invigorate. Participants in the NHA Leadership Institute improve their leadership skills and enhance their effectiveness in the health care field while preserving the care and compassion critical to quality healthcare delivery. Participants also establish peer-to-peer connections and lifelong bonds with classmates and faculty.

The Nebraska Hospital Association Leadership Institute’s mission is to advance the effectiveness of hospitals by providing a quality environment for professional development and support of health care leaders. Participants have expert faculty to guide them through the program. Knowledgeable instructors from Bellevue University are ready to steer participants toward professional success and engage them on the pressing issues hospitals encounter. These experts are drawn from diverse departments of the University, including management, human services, leadership development, business administration, and health care administration.