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Patient Portal

Lexington Regional Health Center has two patient portals. Patients seen at any one of our clinics, including Family Medicine Specialists clinic, Urgent Care, Elwood Clinic and Bertrand Health Clinic have a unique portal. Hospital inpatients also have a unique portal.

Patient Portals can help keep you better informed, better serviced and more satisfied with your healthcare experience. Patient portals allow you to view your medical visit history, lab & test results, securely message your primary care provider, schedule appointments and pay your bill online (applicable for clinic patients only. Urgent Care, Outpatient Services patients and hospital inpatients can pay online here).

Registrants must provide an email address to complete registration for either portal.

Hospital Inpatient Portal is for patients who have had stays in the hospital.

The Hospital Inpatient Portal is not set up for online bill pay. If you wish to pay your Lexington Regional Health Center/RCS bill for an inpatient stay, you may submit online payments here.

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