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The Auxiliary is a hospital organization that demonstrates hospital core values, and manages the hospital gift shop the “Corner Cupboard”. In addition, they perform various tasks including delivering patient mail, watering patients’ flowers, paying for and delivering the local newspaper.

The Auxiliary also participate in fundraising projects organized by the members. The funds from these projects are used to purchase equipment for the hospital. Members also assist with hospital health fairs and health screenings.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Jim Hain at (308) 324-8637.

Lexington Regional Health Center Auxiliary Education Grant-in-Aid Application

A man or woman is eligible for recommendation if he or she:
• Is a citizen of the United States or a legal immigrant?
• Will be enrolled in a certification or degree program in the field of Health Care.
• Is living and studying in the United States for the entire course of his or her study.
• Has been a non-student sometime in his or her adult life.
• At the conclusion of, will lead to employment or job advancement.

A man or woman is not eligible for grant-in-aid consideration if he or she:
• Is requesting grant-in-aid for use in prerequisite courses needed to secure admission into a program of study.
• Is enrolled in an advanced degree or doctoral program.

Use of Grant-in-Aid
The money is intended as a grant-in-aid for educational expenses such as:
• Tuition
• Books and supplies
• Testing and graduation fees

Procedures for Grant-in-Aid Selection
Application Form
An application form may be downloaded here or picked up from the Lexington Regional Health Center, the Auxiliary president, Pat Samway, or the Grant-in-Aid Committee chairman Maydelle Messerschmidt. The application needs to be typed out. If you need more room to write your information, please type it on a separate sheet and attach it to the form. Neatness is a deciding factor for any professional application.

Due date for completed application
The completed application form along with two letters of recommendation shall be returned to the Grant-in-Aid Committee chairman, Maydelle Messerschmidt, the Lexington Regional Health Center Auxiliary President, Pat Samway, or Jim Hain at Lexington Regional Health Center. If possible the committee would like to have the application one (1) month prior to the beginning of the start of the class. The committee will  review the application for acceptance or rejection and will be in contact with you stating the results.

Letters of Recommendation
Two letters of recommendation shall be required. One letter shall be from the applicant’s direct supervisor at work and the other from another adult, excluding relatives.

Auxiliary Scholarship Form – download

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