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Pediatric Dentistry

A calming and positive experience built around your child’s individual needs.

Board-certified pediatric dentists, doctors Brett and Eric Carranza of Kearney Pediatric Dentistry come to Lexington Regional Health Center each month. Dr. Brett and Dr. Eric Carranza are both specially trained in children’s dentistry.

If it is determined that your child needs full mouth dental restoration, Lexington Regional goes above and beyond to make sure your child is treated with care. Children not only receive presents to their room, they also get to pick the flavor of their mask and character on their anesthesia bag. Children also choose their “ride” to the operating room. Our goal is to deliver a memorable experience in the least stressful environment possible. We provide exceptional care while maintaining a calm and unique experience.

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Phone: (308) 236-5437
To schedule an appointment with Drs. Brett or Eric Carranza, please call Kearney Pediatric Dentistry at (308) 236-5437.

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