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Here to Help You Every Step of the Way

Our specialized health care professionals provide a comfortable, family-focused environment throughout your stay. We are here to help you from your first prenatal visit to well after delivery. You can expect an attentive and compassionate staff dedicated to ensure your experience is memorable at Lexington Regional Health Center.

The obstetrics unit includes three birthing suites and two additional private hospital rooms. Each room is used from admission to discharge and is decorated with a calming natural décor for a relaxing experience. These well-equipped birthing suites blend the warmth and comfort of a home-like setting with the safety and convenience of a modern, full-service health center.

Newborns remain in the room throughout the stay. This includes doing various tests and vitals in the room for both mom and baby. Rooming-in has many benefits for baby including:

  • More stable body temperatures
  • Generally more content
  • Less Crying
  • More stable blood sugar
  • Breastfeed sooner longer, and more easily
  • increased bonding with baby and mom
  • easier transition from hospital to home

Families can visit in complete privacy and are welcome throughout your stay. Our nursery is staffed with excellent educated nursery personnel who provide infant care as needed. The obstetrics unit also provides around-the-clock anesthesia coverage and is able to perform cesarean sections (C-sections) as needed.

We strive to make the miracle of life a memorable and safe occasion. Advanced security and carefully controlled access to the obstetrics unit keep you and your newborn safe throughout your stay. Alarm systems and common-coded bracelets for mother and newborn provide added safety measures for our staff and give you peace of mind.