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Your Care Team

Our skilled, multidisciplinary team, centered around your care.

Transitional Care at Lexington Regional Health Center is managed under the direction of our health care providers. Working together as a skilled team, we provide 24-hour availability, ensuring high-quality care. As a proud member of your support system, we encourage you and your loved ones to participate in your care. Together, we establish goals that make sense for you.

Along with connecting you to services that help you continue progressing after our program, our staff offers an in-home visit towards the end of your stay. We will ensure you have the appropriate equipment and the ability to safely move around your home. Most importantly, our team will educate you about preventative measures that help reduce your risk of injury and falling. Our skilled transitional care team includes:

Physicians and Providers
Board-certified physicians and providers will manage your care. They make sure your care needs are met and give direction to your transitional care team, assuring success in your everyday tasks.

Each day, registered nurses (RN) or licensed practical nurses (LPN/LPN-C) will provide routine, personalized care under the direction of your provider. In addition, you will have a patient care coordinator (PCC) working with your care team, referring facility, and insurance company to ensure eligibility and provide a smooth transition into our program.

Social Workers
Social workers stay closely connected with you, your family, and your PCC. Our social workers provide psychological support, interviewing each patient and connecting them to the appropriate resources while in the hospital and after discharge. Social workers, in conjunction with your PCC, work hard to establish a personalized care plan that works for you during your stay, and upon discharge.

Clinically trained pharmacists work closely with your provider, advising on medication dosages, interactions, and side effects. Our pharmacists are available to patients and family members for providing education on medications and answering any questions related to prescription drugs.

Our certified respiratory staff offers assistance with any respiratory needs, including lung function.

Rehabilitation Services
Depending on your needs, we have a full-service rehabilitation center. Physical, occupational and speech therapists work with the transitional care team daily to develop your personal care plan.

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Phone: 308-324- 8310
For more information please call our Transitional Care Department.