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Monthly Archives: May 2020

May 2020 COVID-19 Update – Leslie Marsh, CEO

As we reach the end of the month I wanted to provide an update on our activity at the hospital.  To date, we have had 42 admissions to the hospital, including 24 transfers since April 11.  This overall hospital activity would suggest that, during this time frame, the total positive case rate for our hospital district is/was representative of 850 infected individuals.  Since May, using that same methodology, we would have had about 200 positive cases.  On average people are

COVID-19 UPDATE – CEO, Leslie Marsh

As we move into a new month I wanted to provide a quick update on our overall hospital experience with COVID 19.  As you can see, hospital activity continues to trend downward.  While we do still transfer out the sickest patients to area hospitals, the transfers are decreasing while the discharges back to home are increasing – YAY!!   This time has been filled with uncertainty. We hope that having actual data helps all of you get a better sense of