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Brittany Hueftle accepted into AONL Nurse Director Fellowship Program

Congratulations to Brittany Hueftle, Director of Transitional Care, for being accepted into AONL Nurse Director Fellowship! This year-long professional development program targets the unique leadership development needs of individuals accountable for the planning, directing and coordinating the operations of multiple units/departments or service lines in support of the strategic direction of nursing and the organization. The program provides an in-depth environment of learning and incorporates the AONL Nurse Executive Competencies. Participants strengthen their current skills, acquire new competencies and continue life-long learning needed for the next generation of successful nurse executives.

“Brittany Hueftle is an exceptional nurse leader and an extremely valuable individual to LRHC. We are very excited for her to be able to participate and bring back the knowledge and expertise she gains from attending the AONL Nurse Director Fellowship,” said Chief Nursing Officer, Nicole Thorell.