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Lexington Regional Health Center Rehabilitation Services provides outpatient pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Our therapists are dedicated to providing evidence-based therapeutic interventions to help children succeed in all stages and areas of development. We offer a dedicated pediatric therapy room to promote a safe environment for learning and addressing challenges with: mobility, coordination, balance, posture, daily living, feeding, swallowing, articulation, language, auditory processing, sensory integration, disfluencies, and voice.

We offer diverse cultural care with bilingual staff present throughout sessions to ensure collaboration between family and staff in a safe and controlled environment. We are committed to family and community support for our pediatric population. Lexington Regional offers a variety of support groups and “sensory friendly” events throughout the community.

Physical Therapy

Gross motor delay including delayed walking, in-toeing or toe walking, gait abnormalities, pes planus (flat feet), poor or delayed running & jumping, delayed crawling, independent sitting & sitting up, pulling to stand & independent stand, poor head control; poor toleration of tummy time, torticollis, brachycephaly & plagiocephaly, spasticity.

Occupational Therapy

Treatment of fine and gross motor delays to improve overall coordination, upper body weakness, and bilateral coordination, sensory integration, reflex integration, restrictive/picky eating, activities of daily living skills including dressing, bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, and toileting, motor planning for play and every tasks including handwriting.

Speech Therapy

Treatment of feeding/swallowing disorders, disfluencies, speech sound disorders, voice disorders, difficulty organizing information, receptive language disorders, expressive language disorders, reading disorders, augmentative/alternative communication, oral motor control/function, childhood apraxia of speech, and cognitive-communication disorders.

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