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Stop the Bleed Training in Lexington Schools

Lexington Public School nurses along with two Lexington Regional Health Center nurses were recently certified in Stop the Bleed training. (Melanie Steinwart, RN, Samantha Sleicher, RN, Bonie Muzzey, LPN, Lacey Anderson, RN, Skylar Munster, RN, and Tracy Harbison, RN) Lexington Regional Health Center was asked to help facilitate use of the grant throughout Nebraska. The training was taught by Lexington Regional Health Center Director of Emergency Services and Trauma Nurse Coordinator, Jennifer Vigil, RN.  The kits came through a grant to further Stop the Bleed in the schools in Nebraska.

The nurses learned the best precautions on what to do to stop bleeding after an injury as well as how to fully use the items in the kit. Lexington Public School nurses will now be educating the rest of the Lexington Public Schools staff on how to use the kids. All of the Lexington schools will now have a Quick Clot bleeding control kit. Bleeding is the #1 cause of preventable death and being prepared is key.